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"Italian Masterpieces...and more" is a collection of formidable work that bares the soul and character of an artist. Ray Piscopo has faced adversity with courage and tact transforming his struggle through his heroic expression into a resounding victory. In this incredible superhuman effort he sublimates his feelings of rancour and pain and achieves a monumental expression of grandeur with great exuberance and extravagance exploiting to the full a dynamic, swirling movement with bravura and virtuosity. His colourful, bold and modern dialectic is based on masterpieces by great masters old and modern. He is inspired by unique works transforming them through personal interpretation into a language coming out from his heart and mind like an irresistible torrent of raging waters, a river that has broken its banks. E.V. Borg - Curator


"Well, my life is a work of art by my Creator. I am perhaps merely the paint that drips and flows one way or the other. The happenings, surprises and situations that developed in my life coupled with the divine design is shaping the way the picture will look at the end."
Ray Piscopo.

Beyond the Body... The Soul is the latest art exhibition by Ing. Ray Piscopo, one of Malta's leading artists in the magnificent Villa Corinthia.

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Ray Piscopo exhibited a collection of 45 works at the China Cultural Centre between January 28th and February 20th, 2012. This vital and vigorous exhibition was inaugurated by the Director of the China Cultural Centre Mr. Gu Hongxing at 173 Melita Street, Valletta on Friday 25th January 2013.

This is the first art exhibition by a Maltese national at the Centre. The exhibition will remain closed from the 9th to the 15th of February 2013 for the Chinese Spring Festival.

If art belongs to the realm of mystery, magic and enigma then Ray's art fits the appellations magnificently. If catharsis is fundamental in art then the joy that emanates from his art is the sunny spell that fills the heart of the visitor at a glance.

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"Ray, you're quite a versatile artist with loads of talent. Well done on your works of art and also on the site. Really well done. Take care and all the best for the future." Chris Portelli-Hale

"Ray, your work is an inspiration. So much depth and meaning. So much to really look at and so thought provoking." Paul Attard

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Sept 21st 2012 - "When the word FREEDOM ceases to appear in our dictionaries, it will be too late to react." Ray Piscopo will be participating with 200 contemporary artists from around the world in a unique event in Paris, this November. Read more »


June 26th 2012 - The 104th Art Discussion Group Meeting was held on Tuesday 26h June 2012 at 19.15hrs at MISCO OFFICE (first floor) in Fino Showrooms in Notabile Road, Mriehel. For this meeting the Society invited Ray Piscopo (1954- ) an engineer by profession and an artist by nature and instinct. Later this year he will be holding a large exhibition of paintings interpreting the masters at Cavalieri Hotel (November 2012 - January 2013). E. V. Borg, the chairman of the group introduced him to the audience and the artist answered questions about technique, subject matter and career after projecting a sample of his works on screen. Read more »

A 2-week collaboration in Austria with Hubert Scheibl, one of the generation of painters who made an international furore in the 1980s as "wild painters". View all my creations »